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    Leader “Cure” production prototype

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    Chicago Velodrome

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    POLOANDBIKE, fixed gear bikes Gijón

    "We had the courage and defied all odds, we truly believed in our project and did all what it took to create a new FIXED GEAR brand proposition for the Spanish and European market, aspiring for global growth. On 2009 POLOANDBIKE was born.

    As cyclists, we got caught on the freshness, youthfulness and the urban lifestyle of the fixed gear scene. We ended up creating one of the first brands specialized exclusively in fixed gear bikes, together with a complete range of bike components that the market demanded.”


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    #cinelli #mash #cinellimash ahaha(^_^)

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    My Low// track standard 

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    Fixedpott Pottcrit 2014 (- dlrm.co)

  15. new Cinelli Mash Histogram, more here