2. scratch138:

    This is Kelli and she’s awesome.  Started out as a messenger, now races for Ritte and Affinity.  I hear she’s pretty bad ass.  I love her style.  Check out more here.

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  4. trackbikenerd:

    While I’m not a fan of anything but drop bars (or raked saddles), this Colossi Low Pro looks so rad! It almost has cartoon-like proportions.

    Bike is owned by Ricklewik on Pedal Room.

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  6. bisikleta:

    Bike Racing In Doylestown (by Henry Rowan)

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  7. sf-elegance:

    Chinese detail….MASH SF…

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  11. overlap-bikes:

    In the army now… a NATO matt green OVERLAP Pura ready for action!

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  12. elbartos:

    in case you want one

    Cannondale Track FOR SALE! Pristine Condition. Contact terrence@theheavypedal.com for details and pricin

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    All built up!